Victor Guerra

Interior Design

We build and share stories.
We make uncomplicated interiors involving clients at each stage of the projects.
In the global village in which we live today, with all the stress of the daily life and a reality made for the masses, being able to go home and travel through the stories of what surrounds us, is undoubtedly something special and unique.
All projects are interesting. Often the smallest and simplest projects are the most challenging and the most creative – giving life to ideals and dreams on small budgets is a challenge that we embrace the same way that we embrace bigger projects.


With scenography we go even further in the adventure.
It allows us to discover new worlds, new identities.
It makes us travel from one country to another, from one culture to another, through its cultural wealth and artistic diversity.
We always take something with us after visiting an exhibition, after attending a concert or event. These are projects that add something more to our journey.
Inspired by the world’s heritage.

ASEAN @ 50 – Intellectual Property, Innovation and Development


Paraguay – an Economically Fertile Country


Furthering Intellectual Property in Colombia


Brazil - In the Footsteps of Innovation & Creativity


Contemporary Mexican Design with a Vision towards the Future


Georgia’s National Ballet “Sukhishvili”

The projects presented are protected in accordance with the Portuguese legislation in terms of Intellectual Property. Credits must always be mentioned.