Victor Guerra

Elements Collection

Elements, is a collection that allies the manufacture and tailor-made knowledge to the innovation and sophistication of the design by Victor Guerra.

The organic and modern forms are an added value to any interior.

The collection celebrates the Portuguese manufacture and materials, where the four natural elements are present – Hearth Air Fire Water.

The element Hearth is represented by the wood and the marbles used, adding solidity to each piece.

The handmade glass, by its transparency and lightness symbolizes de element Air. Result of being handmade, each piece is unique.

Strong and shiny, the metals used in the collection mark the presence of the element Fire. This element is also crucial on the shaping process of the metal.

The Water element, is the link to all elements. This element is often associated with feelings. This is the link between the client and the collection, and its reaction.

Its this link that makes that each piece will find its own context and interior.

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