Victor Guerra

With a career of more than twenty years with the United Nations, Victor acquired, on a international and multicultural scale, a vast experience in the creation and implementation of interior design and scenography projects, as well as in public relations and protocol.
Before joining the United Nations, Victor worked with internationally renowned interior designers, being responsible for creating different interior design projects – from the most classic to the most modern.
Between Lisbon, Geneva and New York, he creates concepts based on singularity, a feature that he believes to be decisive for any project investing on his relationship with the client, and on the correspondence between what is the individual’s personality and the character of the space.
Currently living in Portugal, he performs on several areas, ranging from the residential, commercial and hospitality projects to cultural and scenographic concepts, valuing the intersection between the theory and the practice.
In his philosophy, the ideal interior/project is one in which every detail – color, texture, fabric, object – brings to the client’s mind a story, an experience, a place, an emotion, thus creating a strong connection between the client and the space.
An interior should be the reflection of its owner, an extension of his personality, and should not depend on market trends or fashion.
The value of an interior comes from the stories that it can tell.