Victor Guerra

Victor Guerra, is an expert in events management, scenography, interior design, public relations and protocol affairs.

He returns to Lisbon after a career spanning over 20 years between Switzerland and New York working in an international, multicultural environment.

Victor worked at the United Nations for the last 18 years, organizing high profile events, from inception to completion. This included conceptualizing and implementing exhibitions, cultural events, musical performances and fashion shows for a wide array of Governments, working directly with top diplomatic officials and coordinating all public relations and communications aspects of the events.

Prior to joining the United Nations, Victor worked with international renown interior designers.  He helped clients with all their interior design needs, bringing his own brand of luxury to homes ranging from ultra modern to mountain chalets.

Victor is a strong believer in uniqueness – each project is a stand-alone that deserves tailored solutions crafted with the client, as an individual.

He redefines the relationship with the client, the latter becoming a member of the team. Each project is an adventure with a solid trust base.

Nothing is done by chance. That is how we deliver on our promise of uniqueness.
The inspiration is the client.

We create and share stories

Each project is managed and implemented in a smooth and transparente way, including the client on each step of the project.

All projects are important and interesting. Most of the times the small and simple projects are more challenging, but they are in most of the cases the more creative ones – bring to life ideas and dreams with a tight budget its with no doubt always a big challenge that we embrace the same way we do with the bigger projects.

inspired by you

For Victor the ideal interior/project is the one each time the cliente looks at an object or detail, this brings to his mind a place, a story, a moment.

This way “things” are brought to life. They are no longer just one more object or detail. These are the connections that create a “rich” interior. We see this happen in so many places we go and we feel cold, un-confortable and we just want to leave that place. On the other hand we find ourselves sometimes in places we feel like going over and over, feel confortable and even loose track of time.

In the small village we live nowadays, with all the stress and pressure from de daily life, with the mass production of everything, being able to go home and dream and travel with what surrounds us, is in fact something very special and exquisite.

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